WelCom Products had it's humble beginnings in founder Kerry Welsh’s garage in late-1997.

In 2001, salespeople Welsh and new partner John Evanthes used existing folding hand trucks for travel and selling needs. Though folding, they were large, heavy and time consuming to operate. The folding hand trucks of the day were more like traditional hand trucks in size and weight…they merely folded (with considerable efforts)

By 2002, WelCom Products began selling its first generation folding hand truck, the MC – Magna Cart™. It aped (then) existing folding hand trucks in weight and size, but it was radically different in the way if folded – it didn’t. The MC was one of the first telescoping hand trucks; ushering in a new era of portable hand trucks.

Telescoping makes it much easier to open and close the product.

Of no surprise, it began selling in the market to an appreciative audience.

It became increasingly clear to both partners that the MC was still too large for the majority to use and that the average customer was using a hand truck for loads under 150 lbs / 68Kg in most instances. In 2005, the MCX – Magna Cart™ Personal was born with smaller dimensions, and nearly half the weight of the original MC. It worked – perfectly. The MCX effectively combined the best attributes of a hand truck - with the light weight of luggage cart - and none of the downsides. Before long, it became the best seller in the line.

The hit MCX spawned the MCI – Magna Cart™ Ideal in late 2008. The MC2 – Magna Cart™ Elite 2 is a 2nd generation update of our original MC.

2010 was an important milestone for the company – the introduction of the world’s first fully compact, 4-wheeled hand truck. Making it compact was possible – but, keeping it portable and simple was difficult. The FF – Flatform Truck™ was ushered in early 2010 to wide acclaim. By the end of the lengthy research and development process, it accomplished all of its goals.

Prior to the introduction of the Magna Cart™, WelCom Products had its roots at the beach – specifically, the patented Wearever BackPack Chair – The Chair You Wear™. This was the most innovative idea in beach chairs in decades…and the changed the face of beaches nationwide in the US.

After millions sold to appreciative customers, the beach chair division in its entirety was sold in mid-2007 to concentrate on the Magna Cart™

The Magna Cart™ and Flatform Truck™ line of 2 and 4 wheeled hand trucks are the most important innovations in hand trucks in decades. At the time of this writing, millions are sold in 15 countries worldwide. We are the world’s largest maker of folding hand trucks.

Anywhere there are loads to heavy for comfortable carrying in your arms – there is a need for a Magna Cart™ or Flatform Truck™.

But, simply making great and innovative products are only half the equation for success. We back our products with 100% quality control check before shipment – assuring a low defect rate. We have some of the finest point of purchase material, hang tag and displays in the hand truck category. Finally, we offer the highest levels of customer service for our customers and consumers alike.

Thanks for joining us in our formative first years…..and stick around for the next few as we continue to change, adapt, and grow at WelCom Products.