Magna Cart™

The World’s Most Popular Hand Truck!


In 2002, WelCom Products began selling its first generation folding hand truck. In 2013 Harper Trucks, a global leader in hand trucks, purchased WelCom Products, LLC. as an addition to their well-established hand truck manufacturing business.

The Magna Cart™ is rugged like a hand truck yet folds more compactly than most luggage carts — just 2 inches thick — thanks to the retractable wheels.

The Magna Cart™ opens instantly with the touch of one button, and can go wherever you need it. Use it at home to carry in the groceries, at the office to move heavy reams of paper, at the marina to haul your boat provisions, or on an overseas trip to help with multiple pieces of luggage.

You never know when you’ll need a Magna Cart™, which is why many folks keep it handy in their car trunk!

The Magna Cart™ is available at leading retailers and e-tailers across the US and the world.

Folding hand trucks:

Rugged like a hand truck yet folds more compactly than most luggage carts — just 2 inches thick – thanks to the retractable wheels.

Folding Platform Carts:

The Flatform Truck™ provides the stability of 4 wheels – requiring no balancing of loads. It has 6x the carrying surface area of our 2-wheeled models….yet compacts down to only a 3.2” wedge profile – suitable for storage anywhere. 

Multi- Function 2-in-1:

Convertible platform cart and dolly converts easily offering a compact design for easy handling and storage

Other Carts/Accessories :

Accessories including a variety of folding platform carts, an interlocking 4 wheel cart with available additional locking dollies, two-tiered folding cart and collapsible baskets will offer options needed for easy transport.

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