Read on to learn the most Frequently Asked Questions about The Magna Cart™ and Flatform Truck™ line of 2 and 4 wheeled hand trucks from the world’s largest and most popular maker of folding hand trucks.

  • Can I buy one unit from you?  Sorry, our products are only sold through authorized retailers. 
  • What is your warranty? One year with proof of purchase. 
  • Can I buy direct import from WelCom Products? Yes, we sell over 90% of our line this way.

  • Do you have warehousing in the United States? Yes, we keep inventory stateside.

  • Are you looking for active distribution outside of the US? Yes, we have distributorships in many countries today and are looking for qualified distributors elsewhere. Please email dneugebauer@harpertrucks.com for additional information.

    • Do you private label? Yes.
    • What are the specs on each model? Please refer to our comparison chart in both English and Metric measurements.

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